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I have to laugh when I hear people saying they “don’t believe in God”. People don’t believe in God only because they don’t know Him. Or they believe in Him, but they have got to know Him thru second hand knowledge…. To Know Him…. Is life’s greatest gift. Just because you do not know someone, does not make them non-existent… It just means you do not know the person. I don’t know most people on the face of the earth… So if that theory is correct, because I do not know all the people on the face of the earth…. therefore they do not exist. I refuse to believe that they exist, despite evidence all around me that they actually do exist, nevertheless I CHOOSE to believe they do not exist.

Makes sense right? That’s the intelligence of what is supposed to be the most intelligent species on the earth…. hmmm on that subject I have serious doubts. What I can say with confidence is that God is more real to me than what most human beings are, cos I know Him. I’ve spent most my life with Him. So when people tell me He doesn’t exist…. excuse me…. but I have to laugh cos they have no idea what they are talking about..

I have met people in my life who have actually tried to convince me that I am wrong. In the past I would argue with them, but now I just smile and say… whatever…. How can you try convince someone who know’s someone that you do not know, that the person does not exist. It’s absolutely absurd yet people do it every single day with God. My perfect answer for such a person would have to be… “dumbass…. This Person you telling me does not exist…. I know Him, personally, I’ve had conversations with this “non-existent” Person, I’ve seen evidence of His Hand in my life. I see Him everywhere”. You just got to go and sit on a beach and watch the ocean, or a ferocious storm… I see the power and the majesty, I see the devastation a bad storm can cause… and that is just His creation. God has many ways of communicating with us, for me… I find He talks to me the most through nature and His creation.

The problem with human being’s is they have been given a choice, and free will. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had many long talks with God over this “free will” thing. I don’t like it much. I always seem to choose the wrong thing. Then I get stuck there…. nothing “free” about being stuck in an addiction or a destructive bad behaviour that we have chosen for ourselves. Usually the same people who say God does not exist, when the free will that God gave them gets them into trouble… then they call on the very Person they say does not exist!!! Goes to show…. we are created to know Him. Not are we only created to know Him, we have been created to live life with Him… and then we wonder why life is soo hard. And even better we then blame God for the consequences we face for the bad choices we made. Do you see what I mean when I say I have to wonder at the “intelligence” of man.

The problem we have as human being’s is that we tend to believe human’s more than we believe God. And I’m sorry…. I know I’m always on the “churches” case but we have been taught wrong. We have been taught that we have to “do” in order to come to God. We are told we have to change…. Well excuse me…. How are we supposed to change when we don’t know how? Its been my experience that I change the more I hang out with Him. The more I get to know Him, the more I change. No rocket science involved here. There is a saying that goes…. show me your friends and I will show you who you are. If hanging out with mere stupid ignorant humans can change your behaviour…. How much more will hanging out with The King of Creation change us. We become like the people we hang out with, we have the same interest’s and passions. Same happen’s when we hang out with our Creator.

I have had fellow christian’s tell me that I have to change if I’m a christian, and I agree 100%. But there are no 5 or 10 steps to change. There is no magic formula you must use in order to change. All we have to do is hang out with Jesus, get to know Him. Once you start to get to know Who This Amazing Being is and how much He love’s us and how much He sacrificed for us, you change… without even trying. Knowing Jesus, and getting to know Him better = Change. Now, knowing Him and understanding Him are 2 very different things. I’ve known Jesus for over 3 decades and I’m nowhere closer to understanding Him today than I was 30 years ago…. And you know what…. I’m cool with that. I don’t want a creator I can understand… I’m a simple human being, If I could understand God, well then He wouldn’t be God then would He. He tell’s me in His Word that “My Thought’s are not your thought’s, neither are your ways My Ways. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My Ways higher than your ways and My Thoughts than your thoughts”. So it’s a little arrogant and stupid to try to understand God. He is way to big and way to powerful for us to understand Him.

But we can get to know Him. What a priviledge, what an honour. The Creator of the universe know’s me, He not only know’s me but He wants me to be His friend. He takes all my junk and He replaces it with His beauty. He takes my brokeness and He makes me whole. He see’s me… as I am… and He accepts me and He Loves me. He does not give me a list of rules to follow and a check list to tick off to make sure I qualify. I don’t qualify, not at all. But… Jesus has qualified me. He has given me the right to be in right standing with God The Father, He took God’s wrath for my sin and He put it on Jesus. So when He see’s me He see’s me as perfect as Jesus is. The Divine Exchange, His Crown of Beauty for my ashes, the oil of Joy instead of mourning and a garment of praise instead a spirit of despair. He takes my broken life and He fixes me…. Only because I’ve taken the time to get to know Him.

So I must now be perfect, right? hahahaha. I will never be perfect because I am a human being. But In Christ, God see’s me as perfect. I’m perfectly imperfect and God loves me the way I am. Christian people…. myself included, we love to judge each others behaviours, and if someone’s behaviour does not match up to our idea of “good behaviour” then we reject them. If you are one of those… please I beg you, be like me and ask God to change that in you. You see while we “judge” each others sin’s, we commit the sin of being judgemental. We got no idea of what the person we are judging is going thru, we do not know what has happened to them in life to bring about this kind of behaviour…. But God does. That’s why He tell’s us to not judge, we judge when we do not have all the facts, we only seeing 1 piece of the puzzle, while God see’s the whole complete picture. Judging is the worst sin to me as it’s the easiest thing in the world to do, and we can even recruit judgement buddies who also see and disapprove of the “behaviour”. But judging other’s does immense damage, not only to the person we judge, but to ourselves also. We are putting ourselves up there with God…. It’s not our right, and it’s not our place. If we judge anyone, it should be ourselves. If you are praying for someone else to change…. Please stop…. Ask God to change you… You will find over time you will change and you will be more accepting of the person you judged…. And that…. Gives that person a chance to change under God’s Hand. He does not want us to stay the same… But He knows that unless He is the One Who started the good work in me…. with no help from me…. He is the One Who will complete the work on the day I go home to be with Jesus.

We are all works in progress, this is not a 100m race, it is a lifelong journey. I have journeyed life without Him, and I have journeyed life with Him and there is no doubt in my mind which journey I prefer. Jesus I apologise for all the people who “do not believe you exist”, lol, But Lord I know you, not as well as I would like to but everyday I get to know You more and more. You Jesus, are my reality. You have made all the difference to my life. I love you Lord, and I appreciate You.

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    1. Thank you Fi. My mom’s pastors wife has also been reading them and she has a prophetic gift and she sent me a message this morning saying God showed her while she was reading this morning that I have a book in me. lol…. I guess I dont need anymore confirmation on that anymore, its now becoming a silent scream lol. But I started the blog with that exact intention. My creative juices are starting to flow again as I’m spending more and more time with God again. Eish… He IS my happy place where I can just be simple me with all my insecurities and faults.

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