Wake up in the morning and remember this

We make God smile

If you are someone who think’s God is just waiting to punish you if you break the ten commandments, then you know someone else’s version of god. Don’t trust someone else’s version, Get to know Him for yourself. You will be surprised for sure. God expects failure from us more than we do ourselves, cos He know’s us. He know’s we fail daily. It’s in our human nature. No one had to teach us how to lie or sin, it comes naturally to human’s. It is our fleshly nature. God not only know’s this, but He is ok with this. There is no more punishment, if there was then what Jesus died for would mean nothing. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are consequences of action’s, if you drive your car into a brick wall you will have a fuggered car, and you could possibly die. That’s consequence, not punishment. God wants to help us, He is pleased with us, as we are, and even if we don’t change. He will still love us the same. We make Him Smile, and we make Him Cry.

You Are Loved Unconditionally,Don't Live Your Life Doubting

Rest In Love

Be Kind TO Yourself

I’ve done some horrible thing’s in my life. No-one has punished me, more than me.  The thing that has held me back the most in my life is the deep regret and guilt I carried around with me. I haven’t yet arrived in this area. But as I’ve walked with Jesus, I’m getting more confident in myself. I no longer hate myself. I’ve walked this particular journey before, over the last year some of the negative things in my life have crept back in. Having been here before, I know what I have to do. My identity, my strength, my being comes alive when I’m walking with Jesus. I’m liking myself again, and that’s a start.

take time for yourself

If we want to have good relationships with the people you love the most, then you have to look after your relationship with yourself. We all need to take time alone and spend it with God. Not in the religious way, where you must be on your knees babbling away. Talking to God is good and it’s necessary, but to involve Him in the things that you do, and you talk to Him while you are doing those things… Like you do with your best friend. This is a relationship, like every other one I have in my life. Only This One impacts me in a way that makes all my other relationships better.

know thyself

Get to know yourself. Not the you that society has told you that you are, not the you that you wish you were, but the real you. I like who I am when I’m with Jesus. I don’t have to put on any airs or graces. I don’t have to pretend to be something that I’m not. I don’t have to be perfect, I can just be me. His Love for me breaks thru all my insecurities, He gets behind all the walls i’ve built up inside.  He see’s me in my raw self form and He Smiles every single time He see’s me. I make Him happy. If He loves me that much, then I must be worth loving.

It's never too late

I’m 54 years old and I’ve messed up nearly everyday of these 54 years, just the depth and intensity differ. I became friends with Jesus in my early 20’s, up till then I’d heard about Him, and I believed in Him, but I didn’t know Him. So I met Him and we started the most amazing relationship. And it’s all One Sided, He has given me His All, I have given Him nothing but problems and sometimes the same problems over and over. When I look back I see how much He carries me, and changes me. My journey has been long and slow, but never once has Jesus told me “That’s enough!!” The “church” did. But not Jesus. He was there every step of the way. If I look back from where I am now, to back then in my 20’s when we met, I see MASSIVE change.